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Welcome To All

Shree Suraj Sends His Blessings to All!

Shree Suraj  stands for Universal love for the entire humanity.

"A Divine Master or a Sadguru is one  whose presence radiates an energy field which shakes the root of the spine in our body. In  His presence, in a Satsang or discourse, one breathes His energy. Like a fragrance, it spreads, is absorbed and brings a transformation within". While listening to His discourses people, who are from different religions and faiths, feel that they are listening to their own Gurus. A Christian feels that he is hearing from Jesus, a devotee of  Lord Krishna feels he is listening to Lord Krishna, a Buddhists feels he is listening to Lord Buddha, a Muslim feels he is hearing from Mohammed, and other devotees too  have similar experiences. According to Shree Suraj - this is because the truth in All the Great Ones (Enlightened) is the only One and the Same!


Shree Suraj's  teachings are Scientific, Logical, Yogic, Spiritual and are related to present and practical examples. He vehemently opposes blind dogmatic faith.

Shree Suraj says, “You do not need to go to  Heaven after death; rather Create Heaven while living on earth itself”! 

There are great sayings (vanis) brought out  by Shree Suraj after he attained Self-Realization. His inner wisdom was spontaneously expressed in His own words. These sayings or "Vanis" are spiritual guide posts with practical relevance. They can lead us to fulfillment and bliss in our lives.


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